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They say I'm dangerous...

...and they're right.

Theodore Nott
25 June
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Name: Theodore Octavius Nott
Nickname(s): Theo
Age: 17
Birthday: June 25
Family: Son of Octavius Nott and Adele Nott (deceased)
Friends: Morag MacDougal, Tracey Davis, Draco Malfoy

Wand: Ebony and unicorn hair, eleven inches
House: Slytherin
Talents: Potions, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes
Interests: Reading, writing, literature, poetry

Eye colour: Extremely dark brown, appears black
Hair colour: Nearly black, mahogany highlights visible in bright sunlight
Height: 5' 10"
Build: Skinny

Personality: Theodore is extremely introverted and keeps to himself most of the time. Although he is often cold, Theodore is, at heart, a caring person, but generally chooses not to show it. He almost never trusts other people, and has trouble demonstrating affection. Theodore is also very self-reliant; rarely, if ever, does he seek help from others, preferring to solve his problems himself. He can be very stubborn, and he craves control. Theodore also understands people incredibly well, which makes him very difficult to lie to, as well as meaning he generally knows most of what is happening or will be happening between the students at Hogwarts. He is almost never wrong.

History: Theodore grew up in Nott Estate with his father. His mother died when he was a baby (Theo witnessed it, but was too young to remember or understand what he was seeing), and Theo was then raised by Octavius, a very harsh and stern father who tolerated no disobediance, arguments, or failures on Theo's part. As time went on, the expectations Theo had to reach climbed higher and higher, and his father's punishments grew more and more harsh until they eventually crossed over into physical abuse. Theodore, always a quiet child, withdrew inside himself, speaking little, avoiding other people, and reading and writing to try to escape and deal with the emotional damage wrought by his father.

Relationships: Theodore's relationship with his father is, obviously, extrememly strained. Theodore lacks any kind of love for Octavius; on the contrary, he both hates and fears him, and pressure from Octavius for Theodore to join the Death Eaters only worsens matters.

Theodore keeps few close friends, but gets along best with Morag and Tracey. Theodore's complete lack of attraction to women makes him "safe" for Morag to be friends with, and Tracey appreciates Theodore's intellect. Tracey and Theodore have been known to have long conversations about literature, poetry, and philosophy; his interactions with Morag are generally more concrete, and she is one of the few who can clear Theodore's mind when he starts to over-think. Even so, Theo always keeps them both at something of a distance.

Theodore has a history of not dating seriously– he does not deal well with affection, and cannot trust enough to truly love someone, he thinks. Theodore was involved briefly with Harry at the end of their sixth year, but ultimately broke it off; it ended painfully for both, as Theo had actually fallen in love with Harry. Currently, he is dating Graham Pritchard.